5 Facts About LED Headlights You Need to Know

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Looking for a quick and affordable way to customize your car? Forget about expensive paint jobs, how about giving your headlights an upgrade instead? Most cars typically come with HID or halogen headlights and though these lights do a great job of illuminating the road in total darkness, it draws the life out of the battery like no other.

LED headlights are just as efficient as halogen lamps but they are incredibly energy efficient! Their use is not limited to replacing traditional headlight bulbs, making them a flexible option for those who want to give their car a refreshed look.

How do LED Lights Work?

LED lights work similarly to standard light bulbs. But unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights do not come with a filament, which is a component that produces light. An LED bulb emits light by turning electricity’s movement along its semiconductor as illumination. The process utilizes electromagnetic radiation that takes the form of visible light.

LED light bulbs emit more vivid light than halogen bulbs and consume less energy. A single bulb will last longer than a traditional bulb. In addition, the emitted light from an LED bulb is distinct, making your car stand out from the crowd and we all want that!

Facts About LED Lights You Need to Know

Now that you know how LED lights work, let’s take a look at great facts that make LED lights better than traditional light bulbs:

Save More in the Long Run

While it is true that LED lights are more expensive than traditional bulbs, they will last longer than the latter and this will save you cash in the long run. A single LED light will outlast even the most popular headlight bulb and that means spending less money replacing the bulbs every few months or so. In addition, LED lights are more energy efficient so your car battery does not have to work extra hard to achieve intense illumination, which saves you even more cash.

Faster Response Time

Response time is the length of time it takes for other motorists to respond to your vehicle once you turned your car lights on or off on the road. The performance of LED lights is comparable to that of traditional halogen lights. As such, motorists will immediately notice your visibility on the road as soon as you switch on the lights.

Longer Lifespan

In terms of endurance and performance, LED lights will outperform and outlast most bulbs. A single LED bulb has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is a long time considering that HID bulbs only last about 2,000 hours on average.

More Colors to Choose From

LED lights come in a variety of colors to choose from. The standard white color is perfect for headlights while LED’s blue, red, yellow, orange, and green can be used to customize your car into a Technicolor dream!

More Sizes to Choose From

LED bulbs come in a variety of sizes apart from the standard size for headlights. You can also install LED lights to amp up your taillights, brake, indicator lights, fog lights and dashboard lights to boost safety on the road and add value to your car.